Thursday, September 8, 2011

Silly Daddy

I was scheduled to work late last night, but ended up working even later than expected.  Our original plan was that my husband would feed her dinner and give her a bath, and I would be home in time to nurse her and put her to bed.  But when we ran into "technical difficulties" at work, my husband defrosted some milk, fed her a bottle, and put her to bed. 

It broke my heart to not get some snuggle time with her, but that quickly turned to laughter.  Before I had left the house yesterday morning, I had pulled out a diaper and her pajamas and laid them on the chair in our living room, where we always get her dressed after her bath.  When I noticed them still laying there, I asked him what pajamas she was wearing--knowing full well that all the other sets were in the laundry hamper.  His response:  "Oh...I guess I forgot them".  Silly Daddy!  Sure enough, she was zonked out in her crib, sporting just a diaper, with a blanket draped over her.  But she slept great, all through the night--so who needs pajamas anyway?  I have to work late again tonight, but I'm hoping that we don't run into the same problems again, so I should be able to make it home in time to nurse her and make sure that she's properly clothed before she goes down.

Today's blessing is recognizing that although it was sad to have Ella fall asleep before I get home, I have to recognize that this is the very first night that I have had to work this late in nearly a year.  Although I work full-time and miss out on eight hours of her day, everyday, I really am blessed to work in a position where I can spend quality time with her each evening.


  1. Ha! I once returned home to find our kiddo's diaper taped on with packing tape. Daddy had torn off a diaper strap on accident, and instead of wasting the fifteen or twenty cents it costs per diaper, he busted out the packing tape to fix it. What would we do without these daddy moves to keep us chuckling?

  2. Typically silly daddy move! Glad she still slept well though & hope you don't end up staying late tonight.


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