Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ella-isms (Vol. 4)

I'm probably due for another round of Ella-isms to share all the silly things she is doing now:

Ella caught on pretty quickly to the concept of a telephone, but she seems to believe that they are called "hello-phones" (makes sense, right?).  There was a little phone that came with one of her toys, and she loves to play the "Hello? Goodbye!" game as we're driving. I sing "I Just Called To Say I Love You" whenever she "calls" me.

Mama's Little Helper
Ella loves least at this stage of her life.  Whenever she sees me start working on something in the kitchen, she comes running, yelling "Help!  Help!  Help!".  She climbs up on her little stool and tries to help with whatever it is that I'm doing.  And she's catching on beautifully to all the little tasks, like putting the discarded produce into the counter composter without any direction to do so.  Prepping meals takes a little bit longer with her "assistance", but it's much easier that having her run around under foot.

Miss Independent
My little baby who was once so dependent on me for absolutely everything is turning into her own little person who wants to do things all by herself.  Whether it's putting on her shoes, getting dressed, wiping after using the potty, or climbing into her chair, she wants to try to do it without any assistance, and yells "Ella do it!" or "Ella do that!" with each attempt.  She's not quite there on most tasks, so will allow us to pull her pants up in the back for her as she pulls up from the front, but we're getting there.  Part of me is sad that she doesn't need my help anymore, but mostly, I'm looking forward to the day when she can dress herself (and better yet, wipe her own bottom).

I think it was The Incredibles movie that had the little boy with the super powers to race everywhere, right?  (Shows you how many movies we watch around here...)  I made need to start calling Ella by the same name here soon because she is always running everywhere!  To help with dinner, to go to the bath, to brush her teeth, to pick out a book, to give Daddy hugs and kisses--wherever she goes, she is running!  And it's the sweetest little thing, with her arms up near her chest for balance.  She takes a tumble from time to time, but just jumps right back up and keeps running.  Her dad and I both hate running, so it will be interesting to see if she keeps it up.

Bed Head
Ella was nearly bald when she was born, and it's slowly, slowly, slowly been coming in.  Her hair is really fine and soft in the front, but turns into quite the little rat's nest in the back when she sleeps on it or when she rubs her head on her carseat.  I can usually tame it down easily enough, but it was extra wild yesterday morning: 

Hop Into Bed
I often sing a little "walking-hopping-running-stopping" song to get Ella moving.  Lately, she's really been trying to hop and jump, though she hasn't quite figured out the mechanics to actually get her body off the ground.  Two nights ago, as I was trying to put her to bed (a routine that she has been resisting lately), she started hopping.  So I picked her up under the armpits, helped her hop towards her crib, and then "hopped" her right into bed.  To my amazement, it worked like a charm!  I tried it again last night--and again, success!  Let's hope this hopping trick continues to work! 

Watermelon Queen
My undergrad had a silly "Watermelon Queen" tradition, and Ella is apparently training early for the title, because she could probably eat her weight in watermelon.  I can't stand the taste, but she gobbles it right up.  I have a feeling she'll ask for it to be part of every meal this entire summer.  

Today's blessing is the chance to celebrate my supervisor, who was honored with an award from our college for her outstanding work.  I really admire her, and am so blessed to have such a positive working relationship with her.  It makes leaving Ella during the day so much easier when I feel like I really am blessed to work with amazing colleagues, supervisors, and students. 

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  1. I love that little girl. Can't wait to see you when you come visit in June. Mom


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