Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Good Odds

I go the call from the geneticist yesterday afternoon about the results from our First Trimester Screening.  I knew, from the ultrasound, that everything "looked" good.  And I knew, from bloodwork years ago, that both my husband's and my genes were "normal".  So I assumed and trusted that would indeed be good and normal, and selfishly just used the screening as another opportunity to confirm that our baby is indeed growing.

And sure enough, she confirmed that all of the tests came back in the normal range.  I think that I surprised her a bit when I asked for more details, but she was happy to give me the numbers when I shared our history and my desire to educate myself as much as I could.

 Our next appointment is next Wednesday--I'll be fifteen weeks at the time.  I pray and trust that things are fine inside my growing belly, but I'll be honest--little inklings of fear trickle in from time to time.  It's still too early to feel true movement, but I sometimes experience what I call "sensations of growth".  They aren't strong enough to be kicks...but I like to imagine that they are perhaps stretches.  And even if these sensations aren't truly caused by the baby (because let's face it--he or she is about the size of a lemon and weighs just barely over an ounce), then hopefully it's at least my uterus growing.  And maybe it is just my imagination, but I'm choosing to live with wonder rather than worry. 

Our blessing this week was learning that my husband was promoted to Major!  I am very proud of him, and looking forward to participating in his actual promotion ceremony to recognize him for the hard work that he does for the Army and for us. 


  1. Glad the screening came back good! Congrats to your husband!!

  2. Glad there was good news and congrats to your husband! Good week! :)


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