Monday, July 18, 2011

I Couldn't Care Less

Last week I got together with a friend and former colleague while she was in town and got to meet her little boy who is just over four months old.  She made a comment about how she recognized that she had become comfortable with not always looking perfect.  I couldn't agree more; and I couldn't care less. 

Just the day before, while I was getting Ella into her carseat to head to work, I realized that I had what was either spit-up or toothpaste on the front of my shirt.  In my pre-Ella days, I would have gone back into the house and figured out a whole new outfit to wear.  But now, I just shrugged my shoulders and said "oh well!". 

I could have easily brought her back inside with me and changed my shirt--it wasn't that it would have been too much of an effort to tote her into the house to change.  Rather, it's that my priorities and my outlook have changed.  Sure, I want to look presentable and practice good hygiene, but having a little spit-up or toothpaste on my shirt is so inconsequential in comparison to what is really important.  Who cares?!  My husband loves me, and Ella still thinks I'm the greatest person in the world (at least while I still supply the milk).

This isn't to say that I've totally let myself go (I've been diligent about doing a quick morning workout...though I admit that I haven't gotten back on the elliptical yet).  Rather, I'm just coming to grips with the reality that sometimes there are more important things in life than clean clothes.

I was blessed to be able to spend the weekend with my husband.  He was home for a week...then left for his two week commitment for the Army Reserves, but was allowed to work from home over the weekend.  I'm starting to realize just home much I love and appreciate him as we head into this last week apart.


  1. LOL good for you!! I have very difficult hair that requires either being straigtened or blown dry & these days it just goes up into a clip. It's frizzy & crazy but I just don't care!

    My hubby doesn't seem to go away as much as yours but still quite a bit. When they are gone you really get a sense of how much they do for their girls don't ya?! Hope the time goes fast this last week.

  2. So glad you got to spend the weekend with your husband. And my guess is that you look wonderful...spitup/toothpaste only makes the look more interesting:)


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