Friday, July 29, 2011

"You Must Be Good Parents"

So said the woman in the seat in front of us as we landed in Lihue this afternoon.

Ella was an amazing little traveler today! She played hard during our layover at LAX, crawling all over the place, then took a nearly three hour nap on my lap for the first half of our nearly six hour flight. She let out a couple of happy squeals when we pulled out her lunch, but they were obviously happy-sounding. We also brought along a new shape-sorter toy that kept her attention (I still can't believe my baby is big enough for shape-sorting toys!). I couldn't have been more proud of her for being so great on such a long flight!

Now she's sleeping peacefully as I wait to pick up my brothers, sister-in-law, and new niece. It's a lot more work to travel with a ten-month old...but she brings so much joy!

Today's blessing was that Ella took such a long nap! She usually takes a good nap at daycare...but rarely is it more than two hours. Praise God that she slept so well today...let's hope she does the same for the return trip!

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  1. Have fun! I was thinking of you and hoping your vacation will be great!


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