Tuesday, December 18, 2012

According to Ella...

According to Ella, there's a baby growing in my tummy.

I don't know what prompted her to make this declaration this morning, but she seems to think that I'm pregnant.  Maybe it's from hanging out with my very-dear friend's baby, or maybe it's because we've been talking a lot about the birth of Baby Jesus.  Whatever it may have been--she very tenderly told me, three times this morning, that there is indeed a baby growing in my tummy.

I, on the other hand, doubt it.  It's still too early to test, and I can't even tell you if or when I ovulated.  I spent almost a week in Florida around the time when I may or may not have been ovulating, so I wasn't focused on anything other than enjoying my vacation time with my very-dear friend and her boys.

If she is right, it would be an amazing Christmas miracle (who of us hasn't dreamed of wrapping up a positive test for our husband?).  If she is right, I'll let her pick the numbers in the next big lottery (though maybe I should wait until she can count higher than 16). 

Today's blessing is the chance to bake.  We're having our office holiday party tomorrow, and I'm excited to make my mom's coffee cake wreath.  I have fond memories of helping my mom, so I look forward to having Ella help me.


  1. So cute. Hope it happens soon, it sounds like Ella is excited to be a big sister.

    Hope the party is fun!

  2. I am praying she is right! I read Praying Through Your Pregnancy, and in that book the older brother informs the mother that she is pregnant before she can find out. What a miracle that would be!! Lord, PLEASE let Ella be right!! :-D

  3. Wouldn't it be amazing if Ella was right????? Praying!!

  4. Fingers crossed that Ella is right:) Merry Christmas, Laura, to you and yours.


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