Wednesday, October 9, 2013

With Hope, The Odds Don't Matter

I had a first-of-its kind request from a reader.  Heather read my blog, and appreciated my message of hope, and asked me to share her own message of hope.  Perhaps I'm opening the floodgates to future requests by doing this, but for now, I appreciate that someone took the time to read my blog and share a request.  My mom always taught me that you're allowed to ask for whatever you want, as long as you're also prepared to hear "no" as a response.  But for now, I'm saying "yes" and sharing Heather's story.  Although our challenges were different (she survived mesothelioma; I survived recurrent pregnancy loss), I also believe that with hope, the odds don't matter.  Please take a minute to learn more from Heather's story. 

Today's blessing is fall weather.  We live in the desert, and our interpretation of "fall" may be very different than other parts of the country.  But I believe that our high will only be 75 today.  We can feel the coolness in the mornings and evenings--Ella even wore a little sweater to school this morning (the trick will be remembering it when I pick her up this afternoon).  I was able to do a little yardwork yesterday while Anna slept in her bouncer on the back porch.  Let's just hope that I fit into my fall wardrobe when I return to work next week!

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