Thursday, October 14, 2010


I'm a little on the worried side. 

We just got the results back from the Heel Screen Test, and Ella tested positive for Hypothyroidism.  My husband opened the letter while I was napping, and didn't have a chance to tell me until right after 5:00 pm, when the pediatrician's office closed.  So we'll have to call first thing tomorrow morning to schedule and appointment, retest, and figure out our next steps.

If Ella does indeed have Hypothyroidism, then it does sound like it can be treated with medication.  But she would be on medication for the rest of her life.  I don't want that for her...

I realize that there can be errors in the tests, and that there is also the chance that this is "transient" (meaning that it will correct itself on its own).  I'm really hoping and praying for the best, while also preparing myself for the reality of the condition.  I'm really worried...but I know that all I can do is trust God and place her in His healing hands.  Please pray for Ella, for us, and for the doctors who will be testing and treating her.

Despite our concern, today's blessing was learning that Madison's surgery went well.  Janet shares:

"At 11:45am the surgeon came out to tell us the surgery went successful and that Madison is responding well.  The anesthesia team is still working on her.  We are still waiting for her to transfer from OR to the NICU. And we're so anxious to see her!  We'll keep everyone posted and hope that she will have a quick recovery so she can come home in time for the holidays!  The doctor just hopes that she will be able to retain nutrition in her intestines. Of course we're anxious to see her poop again.  So much to share.."


  1. Im confused why the doctors would mail you that information and not call you directly. I hope little Ella is ok.

  2. I'm so sorry about this scary news. I will be praying for you both.

    Thanks for the update on Janet.

  3. I am praying for my granddaughter, and I am praying for peace for you and Doug.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear this. I really hope this is a false alarm, or at least that the situation can be fixed/treated and she will not be negatively affected. Prayers for you and her!

  5. Trust me the desiccated bovine thyroid supplements will help you not gain weight. It sounds like you have caught yours in time you just need to give the supplement time to do its work. The doctor will keep increasing it until you reach ""good lab numbers"" which in my opion is a crock of bull.


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