Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Ella is developing quite the little personality.  My in-laws taught her how to stick out her tongue, so now she thinks it's the coolest trick ever.  And I have to admit--it's pretty cute.  But the problem is that she seems to be distracted by this new trick when she is nursing.  I want her to focus on eating, but it's pretty hard not to laugh at her.

And it's not just the tongue--she is also distracted by the other kids at daycare when I go to feed her on my lunch break.  Actually, she's distracted by my husband as well if he walks through the room.  He uses his strictest Daddy-voice and says "Eat your dinner, Baby Girl".  She just smiles at him and sticks out her tongue.

It used to be that nursing her was my chance to do my bible study in the morning and catch up on my blog, facebook, email, or shopping in the evening.  But lately she just wants to look at whatever it is that I'm looking at.  She just pops off, looks around, and then pops back on.  My mom has warned me that she may just yank the nipple when she wants to look around rather than popping off and on, so I'm sure that will be a lovely sensation to experience.

With the introduction of solids, I trust that she's getting all the nutrients that she needs.  And she is definitely a focused eater first thing in the morning, and usually settles down after a while in the evenings.  I don't want to give up my lunches with her, so I might just have to tolerate the distractions and cherish the chance to play if that's what she'd rather do.  I guess this is just part of the growing up process--it's great to see her take an interest in everything around her, but I just wish she would focus on eating when it's time to eat!

Today's blessing was sleeping in...for a little bit.  After traveling for work all weekend, I figured that I'm due a little time off (not to mention that I have two furlough hours that I'm required to take).  It felt really good to not wake up at 5:00 am (however, I was up at 5:35 am when my husband's alarm went off...he, on the other hand, also decided to sleep in and didn't get out of bed until 8:00 am).

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  1. Oh do I ever understand what you are going through! I used to love feeding Adelyn in the living room while surfing the web, reading a book or catching up on TV. Then she decided that if I was busy doing something she wanted to be doing it too!!! It is to the point now that I feed her in her room with just the nightlight on. Not ideal, but after months of trying & her losing a bit of weight, it's what works for us. And now I really do enjoy the quiet time alone with her as we near closer to the end of BFing. Good luck!!


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