Sunday, April 3, 2011


My in-laws are due to arrive within the next hour or so.  My husband is super excited to see his parents.  I'm more...apprehensive.

For the most part, I really like my in-laws.  They have been so amazingly good to me and welcomed me as part of the family when my husband and I were just dating.  I'm definitely proud to be a part of his family.  But things were a bit...frustrating...when they came to visit when Ella was born.  Granted, we had both my parents and my in-laws together in the same house, with a new baby...and two sleep-deprived oh-my-God-this-is-awesome-but-I'm-also-a-little-overwhelmed-and-tired brand new parents.  Which leaves me wondering how things are going to go this week.

My first concern is with sleeping.  For the most part, Ella goes down really easily as part of her evening routine (eat, shower, story, nurse, sleep), but she will wake up from time to time in the middle of the night and fuss for a little bit (two minutes max).  I intervene if she's legitimately "crying", but we don't pick her up if she's just "fussing" (there is a difference, am I right?).  I worry that my mother-in-law will want to step in and fix the situation...even though Ella will usually just go back to sleep on her own.  My husband has assured me that he'll instruct his parents to let us handle it, but then I worry what she'll think of me.

My second concern is that I'm bringing Ella into daycare tomorrow because she has a doctor's appointment in the afternoon.  I know that my in-laws would be more than happy to watch her, but I don't want to leave Ella alone with "strangers" all day long, even if they are family.  My husband is taking Tuesday and Thursday off, and I'll work a half-day each of those days, so I feel okay leaving her home then.  And I'll even leave her alone with them on Wednesday.  But by then, hopefully she'll be more familiar with them.  I just hope that they aren't offended that I want to bring her into town with me tomorrow for her doctor's appointment (six month check-up that's been scheduled for two months).  I can just seeing her telling all her friends that she drove all the way from Montana and I didn't let her spend any time with her granddaughter...

I'm probably worrying too much.  I want to please everyone, and yet my main concern is Ella.  I need to have a better attitude.  I just pray that this week goes well and that Ella's routine isn't too disrupted.  Sure, grandparents can "spoil" her with love and attention, but I just hope that it's in a way that is conducive to Ella's needs and not just their desires.

Today's blessing is a clean house.  In my anxiousness to please the in-laws, my husband and I got the carpets cleaned and it makes the house look so much better. 


  1. Well everything will be just fine as long as you control your bossiness. ;)

    Good luck! We had some trouble with Baby Girl taking to her grandparents but hopefully Ella isn't quite to the stranger anxiety stage yet.

  2. Laura, I know how you feel! I am slowly learning that my ONLY priority is Noah and what works best for us as a family, but it is hard to communicate that sometimes in a kind way. I still haven't figured it out! Especially when my MIL makes weird comments all the time about our parenting choices (including bathing him (WTH?), breastfeeding and taking long walks)!

    Praying for you this week - anxious to hear how it goes :)

  3. you know, I have the same anxiousness around my IL's too and I feel that sometimes they don't respect what I want for E whenever they are around. They always want him alert and playful, but when I can see his 'I'm shutting down' cues and I know it's time for a nap, they don't seem to get it until I literally have to take E from them just before a meltdown. I pray that God gives me more patience as I know they just love playing with their grandson but I also pray that they see momma knows best and respect my instincts!


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