Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Boppy Time

No, not the nursing pillow (though I do use one every morning while I try to feed Ella, eat my breakfast, and do my Bible study all at the same time).  Rather, my dad is "Boppy" to Ella, just as his dad was for us, and he's here to visit, keep us company, and help out while my husband is in Korea.

My dad's flight arrived yesterday afternoon, and sadly, I made the mistake of suggesting that he sit in the back with Ella on the drive home.  Bad idea.  He's absolutely wonderful with children, but Ella hasn't seen him since January, so she was initially a little freaked out.  Since then, she has really warmed up to him and was totally flirting with him this afternoon.  Good thing--because she is staying home with him the rest of the week when I go back to work (I stayed home today).

It's such a blessing to have my dad here.  I really was blessed with a wonderful set of parents as role models, and I know that they love Ella as much as they love my brothers and me.


  1. I'm really glad your daddy got to visit you and Ella. . .and only a little jealous. Mom

  2. I enjoyed my time with you and Ella so much. It was wonderful to begin to bond with her. I miss you both very much. She is so precious to me (and so are you). Love, Dad/Boppy


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