Thursday, June 16, 2011

So Proud

It started when she started rolling around like a little desert tumbleweed.  Then she developed into a little inchworm, and did the cutest little "lunge-wiggle-scoot" routine to get where she wanted to go.  And finally last night, Ella truly crawled, in the traditional sense of the word. 

It didn't last very long, and she didn't really get all that far, but she was definitely on her hands and knees, and was moving them with a purpose...and it surprised me just how excited I got for her.  I'm so proud of her for putting it all together, and it left me marveling that if I'm this proud over a few crawling inches, just imagine how proud I'll be of each of the new feats that she accomplishes in the weeks, months, and years to come.

Unfortunately, my husband isn't here to witness all of these little developments that Ella is accomplishing.  He's still in Korea for the rest of the month, so I'm really hoping that our schedules will line up so that we can Skype soon so that he can also witness all these new things that she's doing.

Today's blessing was getting into a "Mommy & Me" swim lesson through the city's lottery system.  I'm really hoping that Ella can be comfortable in the water, and I look forward to this new little adventure with her.  (It will also help the next two weeks fly by until my husband returns home).


  1. Ella is mobile!!! :) Have fun w/ swim lessons! I'm of the opinion that they are never too young to get comfortable and confident being in the water. We're planning to do our second swim class this fall.

  2. Can't wait to see her crawling proficiently (and to trying to keep up with her)!

  3. Yay Ella!!!! Next time try to catch it on video so you can remember those first few moments of complete joy if figuring out something new. I'm sorry your hubby wasn't there to see it but I'm sure by the time you reunite, Ella will be able to crawl to Daddy to welcome him home!! Glad your Dad is there with you - Happy Father's Day to your hubs and your Dad!


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