Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Going Public

I "came out" on facebook today about my pregnancy.  My colleague and friend kindly pointed out that I "came out" in person a while ago, but our world operates as though nothing is official until it's "facebook official". 

So I shared this picture:

And shared the following:

Back in December, Ella very genuinely and tenderly told me "Mommy has a baby growing in her tummy". It still amazes me that she somehow knew before me--sure enough, she was right (and is going to be an amazing big sister--as you can see, she's already practicing changing diapers!). God works in amazing ways and has an awesome sense of humor, and has blessed us once again on this journey of building a family. We are excited to share that we are expecting another baby girl in early August.

As I shared previously when we announced our joy of welcoming Ella nearly three years ago, I recognize that pregnancy announcements can bring plenty of joy, but can also bring pain to those who struggle with fertility complications and loss, as we have. Please know that if you are struggling, I've been there before and would love to encourage you in your journey.

Please continue to pray for us in these last couple of weeks as we look forward to the joys and struggles of raising two kids!
Some probably think that it's silly that I waited this long.  I was going to post something last week after my appointment, but a friend just had a baby that day, and I didn't want to "steal her thunder".  I felt a bit more confident this time than last time, so perhaps I could have/should have said something weeks ago--but it was trying to come up with the right words that convey our joy, and yet also recognize our past and the challenging journeys of others who may see my picture and read my words.  I pray that what I shared doesn't bring any additional pain to anyone out there--whether through this blog, facebook, casual conversation, or simply just passing on the street.

Today's blessing is the chance to participate in swim lessons with Ella.  I'm a little self conscious that I'm too big to fit into any of my one-piece swim suits, and I'm too cheap to buy a maternity suit, so I'm the big pregnant lady in the bikini in the Parent/Toddler swim lessons.  But once you're splashing around in the water, you can't see much...right?  Ella does awesome with most of the activities...but is still terrified to jump in.  It's been amazing to talk to her about her experiences, and to see her grow in her confidence around the water. 


  1. I think it's perfect. I waited a long time to announce, too. I figured it was better to have an announcement than to all of the sudden post that we had a baby.
    If you get too uncomfortable, old navy has cheap maternity suits. But I have a feeling you look pretty good in a bikini. Rock it!

  2. I like how you announced :-) and like the previous person said, I am sure you rock the bikini with your adorable baby belly! :-D


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