Monday, December 6, 2010

It Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You

Ella had her first round of immunizations today.  I wish I could say "it hurts me more than it hurts you", but I know that she's the one who had to tolerate the physical pain.  Yes, it "hurts" to see my child in pain, but I'm not the one wearing the band-aids.  It was hard to watch though.

Ella seems to have survived the first round of shots well enough.  She screamed, and her poor little face turned bright red.  I nursed her afterwards--mostly for comfort (for both of us), and she fell asleep by the time I got back out to the car.  She has been perhaps a tad bit more fussy tonight, but she's also given us some of her gorgeous smiles and adorable coos as well.

As a parent, I'm finding that it's tough to have an infant go through this sort of inflicted pain.  If she were four years old, we could "prepare" her for it, and could "reward" her for her bravery afterwards.  But I can't exactly explain to her at this early age why it's important to have the shots, nor can I treat her to ice cream after enduring them (especially if she has a milk allergy..more on that later). 

I realize that there are parents out there who are choosing not to vaccinate, or who are postponing them, and ultimately I believe that is there right to choose.  But I trust my doctor, and I trust my very-dear friend (who is also a doctor, and will be vaccinating her son next week).  For me, I feel that vaccinations are the "responsible" thing for me to do as a parent--not only for Ella, but for every other kid out there with whom she will come in contact.  I don't want her to be sick, and I equally wouldn't want her sharing a serious illness with another child if I could prevent it.  (Likewise, I hope that the parents of the children that she comes in contact with have had them immunized...but like I said, I believe it is the right of the parent to choose...I just hope that they choose to have their children immunized).

Today's blessing was a warm winter day.  I know that I was praising God for the cool and brisk weather a few weeks ago, but it makes it tough to go for walks with Ella when it's so chilly (well...chilly for Arizona standards).  The weather is supposed to be in the mid-70s all week, and I'm loving it!


  1. Aw, poor girl. Hope she's back to her normal self very quick!

  2. I am with you on the shots. I think every parent needs to choose what will be best for their child, so I don't fault anyone who postpones immunizations (so long as they don't get my kiddo sick :) ). But I am pro-immunizations; we just don't do the flu shot. Sadly, my son is now 19 months and has figured out that every doctor visit concludes with a shot. They sure figure it out quick, don't they?


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