Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Told You So!

I told you I was--and apparently always have been--a "blue girl"...and now I have my proof.

Earlier this week I received a baby gift from my aunt (my dad's brother's wife). In addition to some of her kids'--my cousins'--favorite childhood books, she also sent along four little dresses and a note. The note indicated that after I wore these dresses as a little girl, my mom then sent them along to my little cousin (now in high school) to wear. As you can see, every dress was--you guessed it--blue.

(Notice that Ella is wearing one of my much-thought-about cloth diapers...I might as well use the ones I have for now until I decide whether or not I'm going to take the full leap!)

I admit that I only recognized one of the dresses--my uncle had picked it up for me when he was in Switzerland, and there is a Polaroid picture hanging in the hallway of my grandparents' house of me wearing it and smiling proudly. (I'm hoping I can locate a scanner while I'm home for Christmas and get copies of some of these pictures from my childhood to compare to Ella). It's so darling, and the tag clearly says "Made in Switzerland".

The next two were made out of the same material by my Grandma, but as you can see, the short-sleeved dress got a lot more wear out of it over the years. I've mentioned before that this amazing Grandma made me two quilts with the leftover pieces from the various dresses that she made me over the years. If you look closely, you might be able to see those pieces in the quilts behind the dresses.

Lastly, this little blue corduroy romper is absolutely timeless! My Grandma made this one as well, and I am totally looking forward to when Ella can wear it.

No wonder I still gravitate towards blues--they were apparently engrained into my subconscious since childhood! As is customary with little girls, Ella has a ton of pink clothes now, so I'm thrilled to have some blues for her to wear in the future.

I am so blessed to have a family who appreciates these sorts of traditions and recognizes the value of family keepsakes. And all of my Grandma's dresses, nightgowns, and quilts are such a wonderful blessing as well.


  1. So cool! Neat that they match the quilt. I especially love the corduroy one and the one from Switzerland!

  2. It chokes me up. (It must still be allergy season.)


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