Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yep...Spoke Too Soon

Okay, so the last two nights have not been nearly as glorious as the two weeks or so that led up to them. Ella has woken up with more than a whimper, and therefore so have I. 

I want to believe that she's teething, but I just don't know.  She drools constantly and puts just about everything in her mouth.  I can't feel anything that definitely feels like a tooth, and trying to look inside is proving to be more challenging than I had initially imagined (you try examining the gums of a five-month old who is blowing bubbles, wiggling her tongue, and sucking).  I think I noticed two little white spots where her bottom center teeth would be, so we'll see what happens. 

It's tough to figure out if she is indeed teething.  I've read that the average baby gets teeth at 7 months, though they can come sooner or later.  Ella is a week shy of 5 months, so it is a little on the early side.  She's been pulling at her ears when she is upset as well, which could be an ear infection...but could also be another symptom of teething since the nerves run up towards the ear.  (She's nursing just fine, whereas it would be expected that she would be fussy when nursing if it were an ear infection because of the pressure...but again, it's just so hard to tell).

So, I guess things aren't perfect in terms of consistently sleeping through the night...but I know that she has it in her!

Today's blessing is the chance to celebrate my birthday at home with my husband and my baby.  I'm now 32, which isn't any sort of significant year.  But it dawned on me this morning that I should probably call my parents and wish them a "Happy Birthday" as well.  Sure, the anniversary of my birth is significant for me; but really, if you think about it, it's just as special for my parents...just as Ella's birthday is always going to be a special day for me.  God has given me a pretty amazing life, and the best gift I could ask for is this opportunity to be a mom.

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  1. Oh no, sorry about the sleep! Baby Girl drooled like crazy for a few months and got her teeth at about 6.5 mos I think. Definitely drooling and shoving things in her mouth at 5 months. It seems like it takes forever for a tooth to actually come. Right now I know she is working on her third but has been for a couple of weeks. It sucks waiting because I know it is bothering her! Good luck, I hope they come soon to give Ella some relief!


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