Monday, December 12, 2011

Conversations with Ella

Ella's spoken vocabulary is still holding strong with "Ella" and all her b-words (ball, baby, Boppy, etc.).  But with her signing, she and I were able to carry on quite the conversation yesterday during dinner.

Ella:  (signs "friend")

Me:  "You're right Ella, our friend Madelyn came over today."

Ella:  (points at the door)

Me:  "Yes, Madelyn had to go home."

Ella:  (signs for "car")

Me:  "That's right.  Her mom drove her home in her car."

Ella:  (signs for "music")

Me:  "I know.  We often listen to music in the car."

Ella:  (signs for "cookie")

Me:  "Okay, you can have a cookie when you finish your dinner."

We've been signing for months now, and I love that she can point things out to me.  But this really felt like an ongoing give-and-take kind of conversation.  It really makes me look forward to future conversations at the dinner table with her.

Yesterday's blessing was the chance to spend the day baking with my friend and her little girl, Madelyn, who is just three days older than Ella.  The girls go to the same daycare, and truly enjoy playing with each other.  It's great to see them entertaining themselves.


  1. Yep, she is gonna be a talker! :)

  2. Aren't signs great?! Addy is a little stinkin chatty Cathy & it is fun to watch her transition from signs to actually speaking. I love hearing her cute little voice! Well except when it's say "up" or "no". LOL. I also meant to comment on your last post about her saying her name. As you may remember I am the aunt to triplets (2girls/1boy) one of which is named Ella. They have a little brother (surprise!!!) & Ella was his first word. Addy also says it constantly while there or when she sees a pic. It must be an easy name!!!

  3. That sounds like it was a great conversation! I sure enjoy reading what she is doing.

  4. That's awesome! I don't know that many signs. Obviously I could learn but I just haven't taken the time. Claire signs "more". But her spoken words are growing every day! It's so fun, isn't it?


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