Monday, December 5, 2011


Am I raising a narcissistic child if Ella's first word was "Ella"?

I have to admit--it's pretty cute.  She'll see herself in the mirror and proclaim "Ella!".  We'll drive into town and she'll yell "Ella Ella Ella" from her (still rear-facing) carseat.  She apparently even has the kids at daycare repeating "Ella" after her.  And I thought that the "l" sounds were supposed to be hard (at least that's what my parents told me when I got mad at my brothers for calling me "war-ra").

Aside from her name, Ella also has a fondness for "b" words:  book, ball, baby, and Boppy (our nickname for grandpa).  Lately, she's also added some "p" sound:  "papa" for papaya, and "appa" for applesauce.  She also "moo'ed" for me this morning when I told her that's what the cow says (and lucky for her, we'll see lots of cows in Montana for Christmas).  It's amazing to see her vocabulary grow.  She's continuing to sign, but the vocal words are emerging slowly but surely.

Today's blessing was that we made it home safely from getting my car serviced with a nearly empty battery.  My husband wanted to save $50 by replacing the battery himself (I don't blame him), but it was so drained that nothing on the dashboard was working--not even the speedometer.  But we made it home safely, and he has since replaced the battery.


  1. It was wonderful to hear her call my name. I'm glad that mine is one of the words she knows!

  2. You have simply instilled some early self-confidence. :) I love it!

  3. I think it shows that she's just very self-aware, which is a good thing:)

    (Very glad you made it home).


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