Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy (early) New Year!

Things have been pretty much non-stop in our lives lately.  I spent the whole week before Christmas telling students that they were on probation, disqualified from the University, or revoked from our college.  What a way to get into the holiday spirit, huh?  We then flew out to Montana on the morning of Christmas Eve, and Ella was quite the trooper.  My husband told his family that she got "fussy" on the first flight--I'd argue that she was a typical 15-month old who was simply "fidgety".  We then had a three hour drive to his hometown, and went straight to the Christmas Eve service where Ella let everyone know just how "joyful" she was to be off the plane and out of a carseat. 

We had a very pleasant Christmas with my husband's family, and Ella was sufficiently spoiled.  We were even able to hold some of her gifts until the day after Christmas.  She has absolutely loved playing with her cousins here in town, and there are absolutely wonderful with her.  I have to admit that it's kind of nice to have someone else looking after her and keeping her occupied; though it has made it a challenge when it's time for her to go to bed but she'd rather stay up and play with them. 

The weather has been so much nicer than we were expecting (or that what we experienced two years ago).  We've been able to play outside quite a bit, and Ella has enjoyed petting the horses and skating on the river (or rather, sliding on the frozen river in borrowed snow boots while her cousins try out their new ice skates).

We're here for a few more days, including New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, when we'll be able to visit with some of my husband's friends from town.  He's the extrovert in our relationship, so I know that he's looking forward to visiting with his friends.

I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas, and I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

My blessing for the last couple of days has been my niece and nephew.  They really are some of the sweetest kids I know, and it's apparent that they love Ella, and she adores them.  I wish we lived closer to them so that Ella could get to know them better, but I hope that they have a special relationship for years to come.


  1. Sounds wonderful! Have a great holiday weekend!

  2. Happy belated holidays! Isn't being with family great?! Adelyn loves the time she gets with her MANY cousins since moving closer to hubby's family.


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