Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Just Realized...

...that I never shared any pictures from our trip to Montana!
As the youngest grandchild, Ella had the responsibility of putting the Baby Jesus in the manger. 

Her cousin Miranda was so wonderful about playing with Ella, and watched her on New Year's Eve so we could go out.

We had a gorgeous sunrise every single morning. 

Ella "ice skates" on the frozen reservoir on the family ranch.

Warming up with dad.

Cousin Kyle, who crocheted the hat that Ella is wearing as his gift for her.

Is Miranda not the most beautiful 13-year old you've ever seen?  She's caring, clever, and talented too!

Ella LOVED playing with the dogs, and I loved watching her confidence around them grow.

We finally took her "Christmas Picture" the day we were packing up to head home.
Today's blessing was that I got to talk to my husband (who is in Korea).  We're trying to Skype each morning, but he's still adjusting to the time difference, so 6:00 in the morning for me is 10:00 at night for him.  I didn't get to talk to him yesterday, and it really made me sad.  Ella woke up early this morning, but I turned it into an opportunity to snuggle in bed with her and talk to him.  I would have preferred to snuggle in bed with both of them to start my morning, but I'll take what I can get.


  1. I'll bet Ella's older cousins are precious with her. My kiddo is on the younger end of the cousins on my side of the family; it really touched my heart to see the older ones help him out and dote on him a bit on our vacation.

  2. Ah, she's lovely. And already ice-skating:) I bet it's great for her to spend time around her cousins and extended family (not to mention ranch dogs!). She's so sweet. (And I hope your husband comes home soon).

  3. Lovely pictures, your baby is so beautiful :)


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