Saturday, January 14, 2012

On Second Thought...

In my previous post, I shared that I was 1% disappointed that my cycle came back, just in time for my husband to leave for a month in Korea again.  On second thought, I'm starting to realize that God's timing couldn't be more perfect. 

The scientist in me is curious to find out what this cycle will be like.  Okay, so I'm not really that much of a scientist, but I value education, and I have tried to educate myself the best I can about fertility.  If I got a cycle, that would imply that I ovulated. But when--I have no idea.  Or perhaps it was just "time" for my body to bleed, and was triggered by stopping breastfeeding, rather than ovulation.  Who knows?  All I know is that this month away from my husband will give me the chance to better understand what my cycle will be like after a successful pregnancy. 

So yeah--my husband left this morning for another month in Korea.  He'll return mid-February, which seems far away, but things are so busy at work that I'm hoping the time will fly by.  My mom will come out for a few days as well, so that will help give me something to which to look forward.  I feel for Ella.  When he was gone for a month over the summer, I don't think that she really noticed all that much that he was gone.  But she gets it now.  She asks for Dada all the time, and I love seeing her face light up when we come home to him or find him in his office.  Now, I have to explain that flew on an airplane and he's working far away.  She'll sign "airplane" and "work" back to me, so I know she comprehends it, to some extent.  I guess that's what Skype is for, right?

Today's blessing was that my husband's flight to San Francisco landed safely.  He said that about 30 minutes into the flight, the captain explained that they were having some problems with the landing gear.  They were instructed on and practiced how to brace for an emergency landing, and there were ambulance and police waiting when they arrived.  But everything went smooth enough, and he's now somewhere over the Pacific.

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