Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Call me crazy, but I'm super excited to share that I just got my cycle back!

Okay, so I admit that I'm about 1% disappointed that I wasn't part of that special club of women who get pregnant while still breastfeeding; and I'm perhaps 1% disappointed that it came back now, right before my husband leaves for another month in Korea.  But that still leaves me a whopping 98% excited that it's back!

I'm so blessed that it came back so quickly after I stopped nursing Ella.  I was giving myself a month to not worry about it, but God brought it back within five days!  Woohoo!! 


  1. LOL! Isn't it funny how something like this can be so monumental? :) I love it! Is it weird to say "congratulations"?

    PS - my cycle returned at 6 weeks post-partum. Boooo.

  2. Nice! I hope it cooperates this time around! Good luck!

  3. Yay!!! So excited for you! Can't believe your body just waited until you were officially done BFing. Bring on the baby making. I'll be praying for you!!!

  4. I'm excited about your excitement. Can't wait to see you and Ella in a couple weeks.

  5. Congrats. And I'll hope that you're in that special club of women who gets pregnant right after breastfeeding:)


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