Saturday, August 18, 2012

Her Child Will Always Be The Child Who Peed On My Carpet

Here I go, competing again.

Ella's little friend, Madelyn, is just three days older than her.  While chatting with her mom last week, she mentioned that Madelyn was doing really well with potty training.  I immediately went into internal panic mode, thinking "She's three days older, so I have three days to catch up!". 

I know, I know, I know that I don't need to be competing. I know it's not necessary, I know it's not healthy, and I know that every kid develops differently.  It still didn't stop me from thinking of cancelling our weekend plans to go out of town with Madelyn and her mom to pick peaches because I was ashamed that I would have the child in diapers and she would have the child in big girl panties; but I put my pride aside and agreed to go because it was the right thing to do.

But I will confess that I gave a little happy dance when Madelyn had not one, but two accidents in a twenty-minute span during lunch!  Turns out she and Ella are pretty much at the same place--they will both go potty when placed on the potty and told to do their business, but they are both having a hard time knowing how to listen to their bodies much of the time.  I just choose to avoid those accidents when we are out in public, and Madelyn's mom is willing to put up with them.

Which means she is also willing to let her daughter have an accident on the carpet in my house!  Now, I will be the first to admit that Ella has had her share of accidents at home, and I'll also be the first to admit that I hate our carpet and look forward to ripping it up and replacing it.  Yes, I totally recognize that accidents happen.  And I'm fully aware that we might face similar situations when we are indeed brave enough to venture out in public in our very own big girl panties.  But until then, I do take a little satisfaction in thinking that her child will always be the child who peed on my carpet. 

(I'm a horrible person, aren't I?)

This morning's blessing was the chance to listen to Ella talk to herself from her bed when she woke up entirely too early for a Saturday morning.  I'm still hoping that she'll go back to sleep, but it was pretty sweet to hear her just chatting about her teachers and singing songs to herself. 


  1. That's cute! I was changing W this weekend (he's a few months older, so you can compete with us) and he squatted like he was going to pee. We were at the inlaws and I actually put my hands under him to catch whatever came out!! Luckily it was a false alarm. I don't want to have a kid that peed on someone else's carpet!

  2. I'm not sure when I want E to start potty training - part of me is still clinging onto his baby-ness (which is no longer, he's very much toddler lol) but I know the day is around the corner. He can 'pee on command' after his bath and he's all patted dry he will go to the corner of the bathroom and exclaim 'PEEEE!' and start peeing to my hubby's shouts of nooo. He also tells us when to change his diaper but it's those accidents on the road that I can't deal with, I get so grossed out! I need to suck it up so that we can start saving money on diapers. My mom has even offered to help so bonus! Good luck with Ella and I pray that she will be consistent and a quick learner with {minimal} accidents - esp. at other ppl's houses :)


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