Friday, August 31, 2012

Daddy's Hopes and Dreams

My husband also participated in the "Hopes and Dreams" project that is going on at Ella's school.  He wrote (or more accurately, "typed", and asked me to write for him):
Eleanor, I hope that you become a caring, thoughtful, and intelligent woman who loves Jesus and who uses your wisdom and many talents to improve the world.
 I love him.  And I love how much he loves our little girl.

Today's blessing is that it's finally Friday.  I've had two very long, busy weeks with the start of the new year, and I am so ready for the three-day weekend. 


  1. Ok here is how terrible I am! I didn't realize or had completely forgotten that Ella was short for Eleanor! I knew she was named after someone so I imagine I had this info at some pt. LOL.

    Your husbands message is perfect!! Love it!


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