Friday, September 14, 2012


I was surprised and honored beyond belief when my very-dear friend called me recently to ask if I would be the godmother of her new son.

What an honor!  What an honor to be able to pray for this little boy as he grows.  What an honor to be asked to be a spiritual guide in his life.  What an honor that my very-dear friend, knowing just how much I long to be a mother again, chose me.  What an honor!

I will participate in his baptism, which will be scheduled sometime in the next two years.  Since the godfather, the daddy's cousin, is from Germany but now lives in Spain, we're all kind of fantasizing about the possibility of having the baptism overseas (especially since we never took that trip to Scotland in 2010 because I got pregnant with Ella).  Until that's scheduled, I'm just looking forward to meeting him (and seeing her), hopefully some time in December (they now live in Florida). 

You may remember that he is facing some health complications, as my very-dear friend, a Pediatrics Resident, was exposed to Congenital CMV while she was pregnant with him.  He continues to take an anti-viral medication and undergo tests, most of which have come back indicating that he is healthy.  But they did get results back yesterday indicating that his white blood cell count has dropped into a "bad" range.  They  have spoken with specialists, and have been reassured that his body is designed to fight, but they would still really appreciate prayers that his body increase its production of white blood cells so that he can properly fight any infections to which he may be exposed. 

Yesterday's blessing was sitting outside with Ella after dinner to watch the rain.  I love how curious and adventurous she is these days. 

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