Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Around this time a month ago, I shared that I was going to start tracking my temperature again.  I wasn't sure that I had indeed ovulated in the months since the most recent loss, so I wanted some sort of confirmation.  I realize that some women feel that tracking them temperature fringes upon "obsession" for them, but I really do feel like it's something that works for me (OPKs, on the other hand, are not healthy for me).  And I feel like I got the answers that I needed.  I didn't even put my data in a graph--rather, I just jotted them down in a list next to the bed.  I feel confident that I can say that I ovulated on Day 19, so I got the confirmation that I was looking for.

The other nice thing about tracking my temperature is that I don't feel like I have to waste my last HPT that still waiting so patiently for me under my sink.  As much as I wish that I could declare that my temperature has stayed high past these two weeks, I have to be honest with myself and recognize that it has indeed dropped in the last two days.  I started spotting a bit on Saturday, and although my cycle doesn't seem to have started in "full force", the combination of the spotting and the dropping temperature leads me to believe that it's due any moment now.  Without the data, I probably would have used the test by now, convincing myself that the spotting was "implantation bleeding".  As disappointing as it is to see my temperature drop, I feel like it's even more devastating to see a negative test. 

But I do have a huge blessing for which to be thankful.  I got to speak with my husband today on the phone!  The calling card cut out after about 10 minutes, but it was still so amazing to hear his voice again.  But the really amazing thing is how good to me God was this morning.  I had actually left the house and had just pulled out of our neighborhood when I realized that I had neglected to grab my phone, but I realized it before I got too far.  Two minutes later and I would have been on the freeway, with no turning back.  So I was totally blessed to have a chance to talk with me husband, and was doubly blessed that God whispered that little thought to me to get my phone.

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  1. Question: So with your basal body temp, it will elevate when you are ovulating and then stay high if you get pregnant? Will it drop again if you are not pregnant? Might save me some pregnancy tests, too!


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