Sunday, October 25, 2009

International Correspondence

As you know, my husband is out of the country for more than a month.  I definitely miss him, but I'm hanging in there.  Although I did get to talk to him earlier this week, most of our international correspondence has simply been via email. 

He's not usually the cheesy romantic type, but I did want to share part of his email from today:

"Here are the things I miss in order of importance:

Fresh air
Fast, reliable Internet whenever I want it
Not living with another dude
Not having to walk outside to take a shower
NFL Football
College Football

I love him!  Three more weeks to go...we can do this.

Today's blessing was waking up early enough to get to spend a few minutes outside watching the sunrise before getting ready to head to church.  It was just really nice to be still and soak it all in. 

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