Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I've Been Replaced

My dad is here to visit, and I think that I may have been replaced as Ella's "go-to person".  She is completely in love with her Boppy (or "Boppa", as she calls him).

I picked Ella up a little early from daycare yesterday and told her that we were going to go pick up her Boppy from the airport.  On the entire 15-minute drive over there, all I heard coming from the backseat was "Ella! Boppa! Ella! Boppa! Mama! Ella! Boppa!".  She clearly was excited to see him!

I travel to Chicago for the weekend, and since my husband is also traveling, my dad was kind enough to fly out to spend some quality time with Ella.  I probably could have found a friend to babysit Ella for the weekend, but my dad was more than happy to oblige, since he hasn't seen her since her birthday in September.  My mom comes out next weekend when my husband and I again both travel.  It's unfortunate that they don't live closer, but I am so very appreciative that they are willing to travel to see Ella and help out when we need it.

I was blessed the other day to be awarded with a campus award for one of the groups that I advise.  This will be my last year working with this group, as my responsibilities have shifted and a new advisor will be taking over.  It was a really nice culminating experience after working with this group for the last five years.  It has really been a blessing to work with some really amazing students over the last five years. 

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  1. So sweet! Claire calles her grandpa Boppa too! He loves it. I hope you enjoyed your trip and have gotten to see your little one by now.


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