Saturday, April 21, 2012

Old Reliable

I decided to start tracking my temperature again this month.  From what I can tell, I ovulated on Monday (day 24).  Before Ella, tracking my temperature and being able to confirm that I had indeed ovulated was very reassuring.  I think that--for me--there is a fine lines between being "aware" and being "obsessed", but I think that I'm doing a pretty good job so far of not crossing over to the point of no return--and I have two ways to prove it:

1.  On a whim, I bought an ovulation predictor kit back in January when my husband was out of the country, but haven't gotten around to ever using it.  I may use it next month; it just hasn't been a priority yet.

2.  I'm headed out to New York for work trip #2 and didn't bring my thermometer.  I'm fairly certain that I ovulated earlier this week, so there's really no point in tracking it these couple of days while I'm in the middle of a two week wait.  

I am hopeful that even though my cycle seems to be a little on the longer-than-average side, it seems to be fairly "regular" least from what I can tell so far.  Time will tell...

So like I said, I'm headed out to New York for another work trip.  My husband has Army Reserves responsibilities this weekend, so my mom was gracious enough to come out to watch Ella.  She hasn't attempted to say "Grandma" yet, but proficiently signs the word (which is good enough for my mom, but it's her goal to teach Ella the spoken word this weekend as well).  As with my dad, Ella is clearly smitten with my mom, and had the giggles since her arrival yesterday afternoon.

This week's blessing is that we're having our backyard done, and it's looking so good!! The brick patio is just about done, and Ella couldn't wait to break it in with her little horse. It's like she knew that the patio was designed just for her outdoor entertainment (which really, it was).  The artificial turf (remember, we live in Arizona, and I just couldn't justify the real stuff) goes in today, so I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product when I return.

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  1. Hooray for sprucing up an outdoor living space! I'm sure Ella will love it - as will you guys. We cannot wait to be done with our patio; but even in its currently unfinished state Kendry is already loving it. Happy travels!


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