Thursday, March 10, 2011

Date Night

My husband and I celebrated our four-year anniversary today.  When he initially told me that he wanted to take me out to a nice dinner to celebrate, I found myself coming up with reasons why we shouldn't go out to celebrate.  Admittedly, all of the excuses revolved around Ella. 

First, we would need someone to watch her.  Even though we have plenty of friends who would gladly entertain her, the last thing I want to do is hand her off to someone else after I haven't seen her all day.  And she has been sleeping so well, that I don't want to mess with her routine.  But we decided that we could make it work if we got an early dinner reservation, and my very-dear friend and her husband were more than happy to help us celebrate by taking Ella.  They live near the steakhouse where my husband and I celebrated after our wedding, so it all felt fitting.

But I was torn all day today.  Part of me was really excited to celebrate with my husband, while I simultaneously felt drawn to be with my baby.  Even throughout dinner, I thoroughly enjoyed the time being a grown-up, and yet my arms felt strangely empty without her.  Dinner was amazing, and we even opted to get dessert, but I was so anxious to pick her up.

And Ella, apparently, was just as anxious for our return.  It turns out that she got fussy the moment we walked out the door.  I feel bad, but my very-dear friend and her husband have a little boy who is two weeks younger than Ella so I know that they "get it" (not to mention that they are both soon-to-be pediatricians).

Knowing our lifestyle, it probably won't become a regular event to leave her with a babysitter while we go out, but I admit that it felt really good to spend some quality time with my husband.  We even talked about how important it is for us to have these "date nights" from time to time.

Today's blessing was the chance to reflect on these last four years.  We saw more heartache than I imagined when I said "I do" on March 10, 2007, but we have also been abundantly blessed in this time.  Ella sits at the top, but it truly is a long list of blessings.


  1. Happy anniversary! Those date nights are great - we don't do them enough, but we try. I completely understand your emotions about not wanting to leave in the evening after you've been away from Ella all day. I still feel that way. Its a working mom thing.

    In sharing my infertility emotions with my sister recently, she commented to me "oh the things you never considered when you said 'I do'". So very true! And yet, what a blessing to know God brings us through, making us a stronger couple and stronger individuals. God bless!

  2. Date nights are really important. Balance in everything.


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