Tuesday, March 22, 2011

From Pennies to Paperclips

If you've been following my story for a while, you're probably familiar with how I keep an eye out for pennies and other coins.  It all stems from my grandma's habit of picking up coins on her walks and then dividing them among our stockings at Christmas.  When my mom started doing the same thing for Ella and her new cousin, I decided that I would join in as well.  I am very proud that I found $4.86 in loose change during my pregnancy with Ella.

I realize that it's just a silly little habit, but when I went back to work in January, I admit that I was a little disappointed that I wasn't finding many pennies.  I tried to keep an eye out for them, but perhaps I was just too busy or too stressed to notice.  I mused that maybe God figured that I didn't need the pennies anymore after the raise and the promotion with which He blessed me.

But it was never about the monetary value--rather, it was more about the "warm fuzzies" that I got each time I found a coin.  It was a moment of solidarity with my grandma and my mom--two amazing women who I love and want to emulate.  And in my own special way, each coin felt like a "reminder" that God was looking out for me and my baby. 

Lately, I haven't found many pennies, but I've noticed that I've been finding paperclips absolutely everywhere!  Granted, I work in an office and the daycare affixes an invoice to our check-in sheet each week, so I'm bound to come in contact with them on a regular basis, but I'm finding them in unexpected locations.  If I looked funny bending over to pick up pennies in the middle of the grocery store when I was eight months pregnant, I probably look just as silly bending over with a six month old in my hands to pick up a lost paperclip!  Let others think what they want; and yes, I realize that they hold even less value than a penny, but it still makes me feel good to find either shiny little item.  (I do, however, draw the line at staples--though I got a good chuckle when I opened my car door in a parking lot and saw a pile of dumped staples shining in the sunlight).

Today's blessing was hearing that Ella was back to her happy self after a rough day at daycare the day before.  She has been sleeping so well lately, and was totally happy throughout the weekend, but then had a rough night on Sunday night, and just wasn't happy on Monday morning.  It breaks my heart when she's upset, but God blessed her (and therefore us) with a good night sleep last night and lots of joy today. 


  1. I've actually started the penny collecting too! It's so funny how excited I get when I actually find one!

  2. I found two pennies the other day, and Mom found one yesterday.

  3. I found a penny yesterday. . . and it is about my mother in law, the sweetest 'grandma' there could ever be. I don't think I'll do half as well, but picking up pennies is the least I can do.

  4. I found 4 pennies yesterday

  5. It seems to be paperclips for me I was in the hospital recently and there was a paperclip on the floor I knew I was going to be ok.

  6. I am SURROUNDED by dimes!!! Everywhere I look their are dimes! One time I found 240 dimes in a coin machine. Also, found 13 silver dimes UNDER this same (that's silver as in the metal) not color, machine. I even found the dime with the wings on it's head just sitting there. I am going through a serious faith walk six years now, and the Lord has seen fit to place me in a haunted house, (yes that is haunted as in haunted) He has given me the ability to see things and capture things no one else on the planet has been able to do. I also see the numbers 1234 everywhere, 326 623 321 123 923 329 456 654 954 and now recently 124 everywhere 124. Oh in the past few days I have been finding TONS of pennies ALL on the street as if someone is just throwing a hundred pennies in the air! I have become a human coin finder. I also find jewelry, and now I am surrounded by paper clips! and I don't have them anywhere. Every time I look down paper clip! As this reporter stated, it's not about the monetary value, (I use the money I find to play the lottery) I am very poor
    right now so. It's just every time I find a dime, a penny (and it has a special year on it 1987) I KNOW Heaven placed it there. It gives me the strength to keep going... I actually see myself as the 21st century JOB.

    Well just wanted to share that...

    PS: Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a silver dime? and everyone DAILY was under this coin machine...

    1. One other thing, I get daily bible quotes and EVERY time (daily) it says the same thing " For I know the plans I have for you declares the lord "


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