Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Natural Highlights...or Gray?

I'm a dirty blonde.  Wait...perhaps that came out wrong...I should have said, "I have dirty blonde hair".  So when I noticed last night that my hair seemed to have a little extra "shimmer" to it, I chalked it up to natural highlights from being out in the sun now that the weather is absolutely gorgeous in Arizona.  But this afternoon, upon closer examination, I don't think that I can claim the "shimmer" as "natural highlights".  I don't quite know how I feel about it, but I think I have gray hairs!  Yes, "hairs"--plural!

It's not that I'm "opposed" to having gray hairs...I just don't think I'm "ready" to have them.  Ella will be six months tomorrow--she's so little (and yet so big!), it just doesn't fit in my mind that a mother of a six month old would have gray hairs!  And no, I'm not about to start dying my hair to hide them.  For one, I've never dyed my hair before; but more importantly, I feel like this is who I am.  I may be shocked at the gray hairs, but I don't feel like they are something that I need to cover up.  Besides, they make me look "wise" and "distinguished"...right? 

My greatest blessing from this last weekend was the chance to meet up with Jill from Hubby, Baby, and Me...Our Family of 3 and her beautiful Baby Girl.  I have always admired Jill's honesty and thoughtful perspective.  Since my husband's Army Reserve unit is located near Jill's home, Ella and I met up with Jill and Baby Girl for coffee and had a wonderful chat.  Baby Girl is facing the possibility of a pretty major surgery, so please keep their family in your prayers.


  1. LOL I found some grays/white (since I have dark hair) recently too and I freaked out and told DH to pull them out - I know, I know but I couldn't help it! Good for you for embracing them though! I am a bit vain so I did a full colour a few months ago :)

    Praying her baby will be ok!

  2. I totally have grays too! Started getting them about a year ago. Hubby tries to pull them out but I tell him it's not worth it. It is what it is ya know.

    How great that you got to meet up with a bloggy friend! That really is a blessing.

  3. Sorry. I guess those gray hairs must be my fault. Funny thing is...I was looking at a picture Heidi & Greg have of me holding Greg when he was a baby (and looked a lot like Brooke), and my hair was very brown.

  4. Absolutely its your father's genetics at work. I'm graying gracefully, but didn't start until I was in my LATE 40's or so. . .

  5. Thanks for the mention! :) I really do hope we can do it again. The girls could probably actually play together next time!

    I have had grays for almost a decade already. But they sure are popping up much more in the past year! Your hair will gray gracefully but with my darker hair it will be dye for me for sure!


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