Saturday, May 14, 2011

All Clear (At Least We Hope and Pray)

Thank you to everyone who showed concern and said some prayers for Ella after her fall.  I got her in to see the pediatrician on Wednesday because I was concerned that there was some swelling at the bridge of her nose.  If it had been a bump on her arm, I wouldn't have thought as much of it.  But a blow like that to the head had me worried about neurological damage.  The pediatrician explained that the blood was draining away from the bruise above her eye and was pooling at that spot at the bridge of her nose.  Makes sense--it's essentially the law of gravity.  She did a more thorough evaluation (shining her little light in Ella's nose, eyes, ears, and mouth), and said that she looks great.

So it appears that we have the official "all clear" from the pediatrician's office, but I can't help but still hope and pray that she is indeed unscathed by this incident.  You know me--I worry.  I'm trying to trust that this is all part of God's plan, but there's that little "what if?" question in the back of my mind...

The woman who was changing Ella when she fell apologized profusely to me when I went in to feed her on Wednesday.  I tried to walk that fine line between being compassionate and understanding that accidents happen, while also standing strong in my conviction that the experienced care providers who know the infants best need to be changing them instead of the "floaters".  I didn't say "it's okay"--because it is not okay.  When I asked for more details, she said that she had one hand on Ella's thigh while she was reaching with the other hand to put away the diapers.  Ella pushed back, and she caught her body on the way down, but her head still hit the tile.  I'm trying to let myself believe that she acted quickly and did all that she could to protect my daughter once she started to fall--I just wish that she had done more to prevent the fall in the first place.

Ella seems to be doing okay.  The bruise and the swelling are going down, and it would be hard to notice them at this point without knowing what happened.  She fussed a bit the first two nights (perhaps because of the injury, though it could have been unrelated), but has slept well the last couple of nights.  She's still anxious to breastfeed and eat, and is still "scooching" around when she's on her tummy.  Everything sure seems "normal", so I hope and pray that she really is okay.

Yesterday's blessing was watching my students graduate.  I've been at this job now for four years, so these are the students who were starting out as freshmen at New Student Orientation when I first started, and it was great to see so many of them walk across that stage and know that I had a part in their college experience. 


  1. Glad to hear all is well. Was thinking about you & Ella this morning.

  2. I'm glad to hear she is doing well. My brother fell and hit his head twice at about that age! My mom felt so bad, both were her fault. I would be scared just like you are so I know it's easy for me to say she will be fine. But it sounds like she really will be. Take care!

  3. Lucy fell out of her stroller around this age and hit her head. I think while it's a very common thing because they are so active and hard to keep still at this age, it would be different if she fell with you, and not at daycare. How scary! Sounds like she is handling it well though. Kids are stronger than we think they are!

  4. Glad she go an ok from the Dr. Very sorry this whole situation happened.

  5. I need to warn you (despite what your daycare tells you!) but having worked in a daycare, there is pretty much no way that floaters won't have any diaper contact with the infants. Floaters were in my infant room a good period of the day (at least 6 hours) because my co-teacher would work 6 am to 3, and I would work 9 am to 6, so the first and last three hours of the day always had a floater. There was always a lead though, unless both of us were sick or gone for some reason.

    Also, I was wondering if your daycare has guard rails on the changing table? We did (just a few inches tall) and that added to the safety.

    Glad Ella is okay. It must still be super scary! She is just too precious.

  6. Oh what a terrifying experience that must have been! For Ella and for you! You are so amazing at keeping calm and collected - I think you did the best thing for Ella by being there for her instead of being scared for her (even though you were) I am so glad she is ok now and I hope that the workers at the daycare are more aware and focused on each child now. So glad she's ok.


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