Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fall Update

Ella seems to be least mostly okay.  I'm going to call the pediatrician when they open up shortly to see if I can get an appointment just to be sure that there isn't any internal damage.

Here's the picture from when I first arrived at the daycare on Monday around 11:50 am:

Here she is a couple hours later (around 1:30 pm) as we were waiting to meet up with my very-dear friend's husband to have him evaluate her:

And that evening (around 6:30 pm) in the bath, clearly enjoying herself:

And lastly, yesterday morning:

The bruise is clearly getting better, but I'm concerned that there still seems to be some noticeable swelling at the ridge of her nose.  She seems perfectly happy, so I pray that there is not any neurological damage and that the swelling with subside on its own, but I feel like I should still get her checked out.  Please continue to pray for Ella as she heals.

It was really scary to leave her at daycare today.  The main care provider assured me that she will do all of the diaper changes for the littler ones, but I can't help but be just as nervous as the first day.  The director wasn't there this morning, but I'll try to talk to her this afternoon to figure out what additional precautions can be taken.

Yesterday's blessing was my husband's willingness to stay home with Ella so that we could make sure that she was okay.  I'm so grateful that he has a job that is flexible and will let him do a little work from home so that he can care for our child.


  1. Oh, poor girl. Strange how a little one can have a huge bruise like that and be in such good spirite. Hope all goes well at the appointment. Glad the daycare is handling the situation.

  2. I'm glad she is ok, poor thing. I think I would also still want to get her checked as well. Can't imagine how difficult it was to bring her into day care today! Praying for her recovery & that this incident has helped the daycare providers become better at their job. Sorry you had to deal with such a scare!

  3. I've been thinking of you guys a lot these past couple of days. Not to mention every time I change Jackson! Her head seems to be healing beautifully and I'm sure it will be good to get that check up with the pediatrician just for peace of mind. You must have flipped out when you picked her up after it happened (on the inside, anyway :) !!


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