Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kauai Vacation Pictures

 I wanted to share some of our vacation pictures:

My amazing sister-in-law and my new niece, Brooke, on one of our early morning walks (while the daddies slept in).
I had such an amazing time hanging out and exploring with my brothers. 
My husband and me in front of one of many waterfalls we saw on our trip.
Exploring the many tide-pools at Queen's Bath.
Ella loved playing in the sand...she didn't enjoy the waves as much.
Horseback riding on our "Ride and Glide" adventure.
Ziplining on our "Ride and Glide" adventure.
Beautiful cardinals right off our lanai.
Ella loved the birds.  She kept doing a sign for them...granted, it was the sign for "dog", but hey--at least she recognized that they were some sort of animal!
My husband and me on our Na Pali Coast Sunset Cruise.
I love this man.
Na Pali Coast.

Sunset.  (I admit that I had a half of a half of a glass of champagne at sunset...then hand-expressed into the sink since I hadn't brought my pump).
Bird of Paradise.  My husband and I have determined that he can be in charge of the scenery pictures, and I'll be in charge of the portrait photos.

Cliffs near our timeshare (we hiked down to the water...without the babies, of course).

Another waterfall.

Spouting Horn.

My husband had fun playing around with the manual focus on his fancy camera.

Waimea Canyon (gorgeous...but not nearly as impressive as our Grand Canyon).

Beautiful blue Hydrangeas (my favorite flower--and used in my bridal bouquet) at Kalalau Lookout).

Na Pali Coast from Kalalau Lookout.
I have other great pictures...but for whatever reason, Blogger is changing all of my portraits to landscape.  Oh well.  You still get the idea of the beauty of the island.

It was such a blessing to spend time with my family, and to have my parents watch Ella so that we could go on our various adventures.  Vacationing with a baby is a totally different experience!  I'm glad that they were so willing to hold her or stay back at the timeshare with her when we went out on our longer excursions.

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