Sunday, August 7, 2011

Prayers For My Very-Dear Friend

Please pray for my very-dear friend...the one who had a baby two weeks after Ella was born, and recently moved to Florida to start her residency in Pediatrics.

She called on Friday to share the shocking news that she was pregnant again (despite their attempts to not be). She and her husband both just started their residency programs and are beyond busy enough with two careers and one baby already, but they excitedly welcomed this surprising news as a blessing.

Yesterday she sent me a text saying that she was trying not to, but admitted she was really worried. The chief resident in OB did an ultrasound for her and didn't see anything. By her calculations, she should be 5 weeks, 5 days, so it is still a little on the early side. But she took two more tests last night--the line on the cheap test is there but fainter than a few days ago, and the digital says "not pregnant".

So now she is left wondering--as so many of us have--is it just too early? Is the test wrong? (And if so, which one?). What if I try again in the morning? What would my Beta numbers be? Am I losing this baby?

She has the blessing (and the curse) of being in the medical field. The OB chief resident gave her the ultrasound as a "favor", and kindly suggested she make a real appointment to figure things out. My heart goes out to her--I know how overwhelming, confusing, and consuming these days of waiting, wondering, and worrying can be. Please pray for her.

Today's blessing was a wonderful family vacation in Hawaii with my husband, Ella, and the rest of my family. We leave tonight to return home (so prayers for a happy and sleepy baby would be appreciated for the six hour red-eye). We had a wonderful time together; and though my family drives me a little crazy at times, I still cherish the time I get to spend with them. And my husband is amazing for all that he does for me to make my vacation special.


  1. We are praying. This is one of my biggest fears & can't imagine going through it. Please keep us updated.

  2. I hated the not knowing what was happening. Praying that your friend finds out some definitive answers this week or next. Glad Hawaii was great! Can't wait to see a few pics :)


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