Friday, July 12, 2013

Better Safe Than Sorry

I was in a very, very, VERY minor fender-bender yesterday.  It was so minor that I'm pretty sure I can buff out the scratch myself.  But after dealing with the insurance today, I figured that it would be wise to be "better safe than sorry" and mention it my doctor.

The nurse called back and told me that it sounded like everything was fine, but that I should really come in for an hour of least I thought I heard her say "one hour".  When I arrived at 2:00, thinking I would be out by 4:00 to pick up Ella, Labor & Delivery told me I would be here for at least four hours.

After a slight freak-out as I tried to figure out what to do with Ella (since my husband is out of town for Army Reserves, but we found friends to pick her up), I agreed to stay for the duration of the monitoring, and have been hanging out ever since.  My former colleague is now a nursing student, and she kindly dropped by to keep me company.  Unfortunately, my iPad doesn't seem to like the hospital wifi, so I'm stuck with just my phone (and praying it keeps a charge).  Had I known I would be here when I left the house this morning, I would have grabbed a book.

Although it's no fun to be hooked up to monitors, I know it's better to be safe than sorry.  I would hate myself if I didn't come in and something went wrong.  And hopefully this will give me a little peace of mind to get over the unnerving feeling of being in the (very, very, VERY minor) accident.

As much as I would rather not be here right now, it's a blessing to have access to quality care.  The nurses have been very kind, and I trust that I'm in good hands.  It's also a blessing to be in such overall good health.  Since I'm in the triage area, I can't help but overhear some of the concerns from the other women, and I definitely have it better than most! Lastly, it's a blessing that my labs, urine, blood pressure, and baby's heartrate are all coming back normal.  One more hour to go!


  1. Yikes, sorry to hear that! But glad that it was minor and it sounds like everything is a-ok. But you're right, better safe than sorry. :)

  2. I'm sorry you were in an accident! That's not something you want to deal with now!! I would feel the exact same way.


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