Monday, July 1, 2013

I'd Be Okay...

I'd be okay with having a baby this month.

Ultimately, I want her to come when she's good and ready, in God's perfect timing.

Our estimated due date at our first appointment (when I found out I was nearly 9 weeks pregnant instead of barely 6 weeks, as I was expecting) was August 8th.  I measured with an August 6th due date at our 12 week scan.  I've been told that second (and third, and fourth, etc.) babies tend to come a little bit earlier, but we'll see.

Really, I'm being selfish in hoping that she comes a tiny bit early (and by "tiny bit early", I mean "a week"--I earnestly pray that she make it to the "full term" mark of at least 37 weeks).  In regards to work, my timing with Ella was "perfect"--I was here for the first week of classes and made it all the way through our selection process (I "shadowed" another staff member that semester, and then took on the responsibility of coordinating this huge project the next semester).  But I'm about two months earlier with this baby, so I'm missing both of those work commitments.  I totally trust my team, and I especially trust my amazing colleague who will coordinate the selection process this semester while I'm out, but I still kind of need to get back by mid-October.  If the baby comes on her due date, that really only gives me 9 full weeks at home with her (I would probably try to do some sort of "flexible schedule" for another week or two, if that's the case...and if my supervisors agree). 

My other reason for wanting her to come just a tiny bit early is even sillier.  In the same way that we chose to be induced on September 30th with Ella (I was 40+ weeks) so that she could have a sapphire birthstone instead of an opal, I'm secretly hoping that this baby will luck out with a July ruby instead of August peridot.  (Really, who wants peridot?!) I know--it's a totally crazy way of thinking.  But I'm already envisioning some piece of jewelry with sapphires, rubies, and perhaps my own amethyst...

That all being said, I want to repeat that I recognize that these are really silly reasons to want my baby to come a tiny bit early.  I've witnessed friends agonize over premature babies, and I have prayed over them myself.  Like I said, ultimately, want her to come when she's good and ready, and in God's perfect timing.

I was blessed yesterday to have a late lunch with my brother.  I mentioned that my dad has been in Arizona, and he and my brother will hike the Grand Canyon later this week.  My brother flew in to Phoenix, so my husband and I made the 1-1/2 hour trip up with my dad (in separate cars) to pick him up from the airport and grab a quick lunch.  It was a lot of driving for such a short visit, but it was worth it since he was that close.  It's also a blessing to have such a good air conditioner in our car, because it was definitely warm!


  1. It's coming up! Stay cool, I imagine it's not too fun being at the end of the pregnancy in the peak heat of summer. Ava and I are both August! I was never a fan of the green stone!

  2. OK, I'm hoping for a July 30th delivery. A day short of the end of the month, but then she and Ella will share a 'date' for birthdays, even if in different months.

  3. I had Claire 10 days early and it was perfect. Nothing to worry about gestation-wise and gave me the reprieve I needed (in July in Arizona; you understand no doubt!).

    And when I got pregnant my mom said I should have gotten pregnant earlier so I could have September/sapphire so I had ruby and sapphire kids. That would be the best combo there is!! So good luck with that, it would make such pretty jewelry. And November (my due date) is just about as bad as August. Although I think red and orange won't look too bad together.

    I hope you are as cool and comfortable as possible these last few weeks. So excited for you all!


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