Sunday, July 28, 2013

If I Nest, Will She Come?

Back when I was pregnant with Ella, I wrote about my style of nesting--which included convincing my husband to hire a cleaning service.  The house looked great, and I never lifted a finger!

This time, I still wouldn't say that I have the "urge" to clean, but I did indeed clean the house pretty much from top to bottom, including the baseboards (though I stopped short of moving the couches and cleaning behind them, because really--who is ever going to see behind them?!).  But I think that my thinking is perhaps backwards.  From what I've read, nesting is supposed to be an "instinct"--this overwhelming desire out of nowhere to get the home in order for the baby.  I think that I'm perhaps "nesting in reverse"--intentionally cleaning the house in the hopes that it somehow jumpstarts labor so that we can meet this new little one.

I am, indeed, anxious--in a good, excited, can't wait, counting down the days sort of way. 

(I also want to have a somewhat presentable house in the event that my friend--Ella's little friend's mom--comes over in the middle of the night.)

I did ask my husband to have someone come and clean the carpets for us (especially now that Ella has been officially potty-trained for months), but I cleaned the counters, baseboards, tile floors, rugs, and windows myself (though I did stop short of cleaning the exterior windows--we are, after all, still in the middle of monsoon season). 

Like I said, I'm anxious to meet this little one.  She now has a perfectly clean house to which to come home.  Let's just see if I can convince Ella to help me keep it tidy until she arrives (the rule is that she is allowed to have one big toy out at a time--currently, it's her railroad tracks).

Unlike last time, when I wondered if men nested too, my husband hasn't yet found the urge to get things in order.  I'm currently sitting in his office, which is overflowing with random computer parts.  He definitely appreciates the clean house, but figures that as long as he can get his office door to close, that he's fine.  For now, I'm okay with his messy office.  But we'll see if the nesting urge truly kicks in--he might be in for a surprise if this is the only room in the house left for me to clean!

Today's blessing is that the sciatic pain seems to be nearly gone!  On a pain scale of 1-10, I'd maybe give it a 0.5.  I can feel that something isn't quite normal down there, but I guess that's to be expected at 38+ weeks.  I'm just so relieved that the pain is gone!

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