Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! (Oh Crap...That Means I Have to go Back to Work...Help!)

It's a new year, and a new semester, and that means I have to face reality and go back to work.  These last three months at home with Ella have been absolutely amazing!  Every ounce of me wishes that we were in a financial situation where I could just quit my job and stay home and be a full-time Mommy.  But we're not there yet, so it's back to work I go.  And not to toot my own horn, but I'm actually pretty good at what I do, and I know that my students miss me.  Yes, Ella will miss me too, but I do feel like I am somehow contributing to society through the work that I do.

But I'm kind of freaking out about how I'm going to manage it all.  I like to be organized and plan ahead, but I also realize that there are going to be plenty of unavoidable hiccups that I can't foresee.  I also like to get a full night of sleep or perhaps a nap, but I don't think that's going to be the case anymore once I start putting in an eight-hour workday.  I'm a little concerned about balancing my job and my responsibilities at home, so I'm trying to think ahead as much as I can. 

So let me ask--what time-saving tips/secrets/advice do you have for a new Mommy who is going back to work?  What are some ways that you streamline your life when you're trying to get out the door in the morning?  How do you manage to balance your 40-hour-a-week job with being a good wife and a mother at home?  I'd appreciate any thoughts or suggestions that you might be able to offer.

Today's blessing is the chance to hang out with our friends from church.  One of the guys in our group recently joined the Air Force National Guard, so he is in Alabama for eight months of training.  But he's home for the holidays, so it will be great to catch up with him.  We're looking forward to celebrating the new year with great food, fellowship, and fun.


  1. I pump before I go to work, I have a bigger supply in the morning, so it actually feeds her twice! I tried not to call a lot at first, because it made me sad...but it is normal! I also pumped every 2-3 hours so that I would not loose my supply! It is hard, but it is so good to come home and have her smile at you!

  2. I'm sorry your leave is over! I know it's no fun to be away from baby. But you will be so excited to pick her up at the end of the day! It may sound crazy but I plan what I will wear for the week on most Sunday nights. Then I do any ironing that may be needed. I find I spend too much time in the mornings trying to figure out what to wear. Other than that, it is pretty baby and schedule specific. Good luck and I hope your days fly by!

  3. Good luck! Working is tough, but you really do appreciate that little face so much when you get home!
    My best advice is to get everything ready the night before. The bottles are made, the clothes are out, and it still takes me 2 hours to get out of the door every morning!
    Also, these first few weeks - don't be afraid to cry! I missed W so much that my arms were aching for him.

  4. Monthly meal planning is crucial in our household, especially once our little guy started eating regular meals with us. I actually didn't start doing this until I'd been back at work for several months, but it has been pricless for us. It helps me make sure we are eating healthy and always have a meal ready when we need it.

    And don't feel bashful about crying and/or venting as you adjust with going back to work. Lots of us have been there and we know exactly how tough it can be. We're here if you need us!


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