Friday, January 28, 2011

Mommy Brain

I had a horrible case of "Mommy Brain" this week.  It lasted for about 24 hours...and I'm hoping that's the end of it.  Listen to what I did:

First, I booked my flights to New York and Seattle (I've decided to bring Ella with me and meet my mom in New York) under the wrong name.  I booked them through one of the online travel services, and apparently I've had the account since before I got married, because I selected my maiden-name.  I noticed it almost immediately, and called customer service.  Even though it clearly says "no name changes" online, they were able to help me.  But they had to cancel my flight, refund the credit card, and have me rebook a new flight--which wouldn't be such a big deal if I had purchased the flight on my own credit card, but I felt pretty stupid explaining it to our Office Administrator.

That evening I had to work late, and would also be working late the following night.  So my husband and I agreed that I would just pick up pizza to eat both nights.  He was home with Ella and submitted the order online, but then I drove past the exit without evening noticing.  I realized that I passed the I was passing the next exit.  Our exit is then five miles beyond that second exit.  So I had to backtrack about 10 miles to get dinner.

Then the next morning, I pulled into the daycare parking lot and realized that I had left Ella's bottles at home (about a half-hour away).  Of all the days to forget them, this was actually the best day, since my husband would be coming into town to take a test.  He didn't want to come into town right away (three hours before his test), so we compromised and I took a "breakfast break" instead of a "lunch break" and went over to feed Ella in the mid-morning.  He then dropped off her bottles right before his test (which he passed, by the way).

My goodness!  Each blunder worked out okay, but gosh did I feel stupid with each one.  I'm now praying for clarity and the ability to focus--especially since we're heading into a busy time at work (and I'm in charge of the bulk of it).

Yesterday's blessing was the chance to help someone out with buying a tank of gas.  I was running on empty myself, so stopped on my way into work to fill up.  An elderly gentleman approached me and explained that he had left his wallet at home, and that he needed $10 to get home.  I rarely have cash, but actually did for once.  I only had $8, but he said that would do.  He asked if he could reimburse me, but I just suggested that he "pay it forward".  It felt nice to know that God put him on the opposite side of the pump from me, and put the money in my pocket for a reason (and yes, I saw him indeed go inside to pay and then come back out and pump).


  1. Whew! What a day! It feels crazy going thru it but I bet at the end of the day you can look back and just laugh. I've has those days without the mommy brain. Ha! :). It was nice of u to help te old guy out. It's hard not to be skeptical at times.

  2. No one blames your mommy brain! You have alot on your mind with work, pumping, breastfeeding, travel and a new baby! OVERLOAD!

  3. Mommy Brain! Seriously, it's the most frustrating thing in the world! Give yourself a little grace, you've got a lot going on right now.

  4. I think mommy brain is permanent! I'm glad everything worked out with your flight! I'm sure your mom is super excited to see Ella!!!

  5. LOL oh boy sounds like you had a rough few days - but I agree I think Mommy brain is here to stay - yay us!


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