Monday, January 31, 2011

Playing Favorites

Ella had her four-month check-up today, and our pediatrician came right out and told us that Ella is one of her favorite little patients.  Perhaps she says that to all of the new moms, but I'd like to think that she was being genuine. 

Ella is doing really well.  Her growth looks great, and the pediatrician was impressed with all of her developmental milestones.  Ella was super happy throughout the entire appointment and flashed her sweet smile...all the way up until the shots.  As can be expected, she screamed and her poor little face turned bright red.  I nursed her as soon as the bandaids were in place, and she settled down within a few moments.

Since her appointment was in the mid-afternoon, I just brought Ella back to my office with me rather than bringing her back to daycare.  After the excitement of the appointment and the agony of the shots, she took a good nap and let me finish up a few little projects.  She was happy this evening, which leads me to believe that she's feeling okay at this point.

My blessing of the day was the chance to visit with my former colleague who is pursuing her dream of being a nurse.  It was great to see her in her element while we were at the hospital (although we were interrupted a half dozen times by hospital staff who kept commenting on how cute Ella is). 

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