Monday, July 6, 2009

One Down, One To Go

We got back from our amazing vacation to Chicago last night...and I booked another trip this morning. I'm headed home to visit my family in rural Northern California this time, so it's nothing nearly as glamorous as the trip to Chicago. But I am so excited to see my family. My mom offered to come and visit when I was going through this most recent miscarriage, but it just wasn't the right time. I feel like I'm in a good place now, so I look forward to seeing them soon. Did I mention the trip is this weekend? I don't usually wait till the last minute for things like these, but was trying to coordinate it around my husband's work and Army stuff, and things kept getting messed up.

Anyway, Chicago was a blast, so I'll incorporate our adventures into my blessings:
  • I'm blessed that our travels to and from Chicago worked out just fine with no delays
  • I'm blessed that the Cubs won at Wrigley Field...and it was such a blessing to see the look on my husband's face as he reacted to a Grand Slam!
  • I'm blessed to have had the chance to eat some amazing food at "Taste of Chicago": Jambalaya, Pierogies, Irish Eggrolls, Sesame Beef Skewers, Sweet Potato Fries, Polish Sausage Sandwich, Oreo Cheesecake (yes...I totally deviated from the healthy eating recommendations that my RE suggested...and it was totally worth it!)
  • I'm blessed to watch amazing fireworks--but more importantly, I'm blessed to live in a country that fights to preserve my freedoms
  • I'm blessed to have had an amazing time with my loving husband exploring the sights and restaurants of the city, with the chance to sleep in every morning

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  1. Yay! I'm glad you are getting R&R healing trips in. It's always nice to have something fun to look forward to! Hope you have a great time!


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