Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We leave bright and early tomorrow morning for a long weekend in Chicago! This trip is bittersweet--though mostly sweet. We booked the trip while hanging out on the couch all day on that fateful Saturday when I took the meds to induce this most recent miscarriage. Bless his heart, I'm sure that my husband does not recognize and equate those sorts of things. But I can't help but remember little details like that.

But like I said, mostly sweet. We'll catch a Cubs game tomorrow night, check out amazing food at "Taste of Chicago", watch the fireworks over Navy Pier on the Fourth of July, and relax and enjoy each other for the rest of the weekend. We've both only been to Chicago once before (not together), so we're looking forward to exploring the city (though I admit that we are both small-town kids...and he tends to freak out a bit at the thought of crowds).

As for blessings, it's now July...and that means that we hit the really slow time in our academic schedule. We finished the bulk of our New Student Orientations, and now I get to leisurely work on various projects that I've been putting off throughout the busier times of the year. It's a blessing to be able to have a moment to catch my breath and truly focus (and take time off).

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  1. LOL, I just read WTF....and it made me chuckle :) I should try that currently....but probably won't or can't. I Hope that your long weekend was nice and I wanted to say thank you so much for you comment on my post meant a lot....and i am a little scared too :) but determined to live every pregnant day with joy :) praying for your miracle.


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