Saturday, July 18, 2009

Two Months...But Who's Counting?

Now that my cycle started and I got a negative HPT, I called the RE's office to update them. I guess I really should have called about two weeks ago when we got the negative test, but I kept putting it off--I guess waiting until the next cycle started to know for sure--but perhaps that's another good sign that I'm not obsessing over calling them right away. Anyway, the kind receptionist looked up my chart, made the update, and read the note that said to wait two months with barrier protection before trying again. However, when I had seen the RE at the dreaded appointment when they couldn't find a heartbeat, he told me at that time to wait for two months before trying. (And come to think of it, that was now exactly two months ago--I hadn't put those dates together in my head until just now.)

So the question is, do I go by the two months that the doctor previously said (he clearly said "July or August" when I saw him in May)? Or the two months as the receptionist said yesterday? Part of me wants to be cautious, because I fear that if we get pregnant again and lose another baby, I'm going to be second-guessing myself and wondering if it could have been prevented by waiting longer (though the doctor previously briefly mentioned that there's no correlation between recurrent loss and the length of time one waits). But the other part of me says that I'm not the biggest fan of "barrier protection" (as the receptionist put it). So I think I'm going to just leave it up to God (and my husband's desires--remember, I'm trying not to obsess about "trying", and rather just have fun).

As for blessings, I have a lot to be blessed about. For starters, we've had a productive weekend so far with pulling weeds. Sure, the work isn't quite fun, but our yard is looking better. I also had the chance to watch my husband's softball team win their playoff tournament on Thursday. He gets so much enjoyment out of his time of the team, so it was great to see them win it all. Lastly, we're in the middle of the monsoon season now in Southern Arizona, so I've been able to sit out on the back porch for the last couple of nights and watch the rain, lightening, and amazing sunsets with my husband. It's nights like these that make the summer heat bearable.


  1. I had the same issue and realized even if 2 months was ok, if I lost the next baby I would always assume that was the cause...even if it wasn't. So we decided on the 3 months, which is approaching FAST!! But waiting the extra month has not been easy. It is all really whatever you find peace with.

  2. hey Laura!! I agree with you about when to try again...just go with life and if it happens it happens. That is what we are doing. I know we were suppose to wait two months but we just had fun this month and didn't really try..but didn't not try :D Oh and today I learned why I hate pulling weeds again. Todd and I pulled so many weeds, but then afterwords looking at our was worth it. I am so jealous about your monsoon! I LOVE watching the rain and just enjoying the sound. It is so peaceful! Love you!!

  3. Monsoons and weeds! Whoo hoo how fun! :-) Hope that your next cycle successful!


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