Thursday, February 11, 2010


Add something else to the list of things I'm experiencing in this pregnancy:  cramps.

The hard thing about cramps is that they could be a totally good thing...or they could be totally bad.  If I'm feeling cramps because my uterusis growing and stretching, then I'm all for them.  But if I'm getting cramps because my uterus is trying to expel something...then I'm not okay with them.

I talked to my childhood best friend last night, and she assured me that she had cramps throughout her whole first trimester.  She shared that they often got so intense that she would need to lie down for a bit.  She now has an amazing 18 month old little boy, so I'm trying to hold onto that bit of reassurance when I feel the cramps coming.

They aren't too bad, but I pay attention to my body and notice these sorts of changes.  I'm thankful that I haven't had any spotting...but that could also be because I'm still on the progesterone supplements.  I didn't have any spotting in the third pregnancy (due to the progesterone supplements)...but then again, I didn't have any cramping then either.  I pray that this is a good thing--I pray that I'm feelings these aches as my uterus grows and expands to accommodate a new life.

Yesterday's blessing was the chance to reconnect with one of my former students with whom I worked over five years ago.  We had some guest speakers last night for the student organization which I advise, and I was totally shocked to see this former student walk into the room, all grown up and ready to present.  I worked with him during his freshman year of college, and now he's a new professional who is sharing his experiences and expertise with today's first-year students.  So it was just really cool to see him again, and to reflect on just how many students I've seen over the course of my time here.  It reminds that that what I do makes a diference, and motivates me to continue to do my best in my role.


  1. Awww lady! I am feeling all stretchy too! I have been getting cramps that I never had either! It is hard to think that they are good cramps...but just stay positive!

  2. Ugh the cramps were the worst. I had them (sometimes very severe) up until about 14 weeks. I still get crampy here and there but not like I used to. I know that they are common and often times a good thing but I always hated them and could never let myself relax when I had them. Seems like you are doing a much better job than me. I hope they don't get too bad and you are able to get some reassurance soon.

  3. I hope it's a good sign. Praying for positive news at your upcoming appointment!

  4. Good luck with your cramps - I had some int he beginning and I think they were just the stretchy type. The good ones. I will continue to hope that yours are the same!

  5. I am praying that cramps are a good thing right now. Thinking of you and sending you hugs and love.

  6. Love you, Laura. Mom


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