Thursday, February 18, 2010

Next Steps

The excitement of seeing our awesome heartbeat has started to subside.  But rather than being replaced by fear and worry, it seems to have been replaced with simply a wonderful sense of peace.  The thrill of seeing the heartbeat was out of this world, but it's hard to function with those elevated levels of energy pumping through my system.  Rather, I'm really content to be happy and peaceful, knowing that my baby is growing and developing as God designed.  I pray that I can continue to feel this sense of peace in the weeks and months to come.

So just like that, the RE is done with me.  He said that we should go ahead and contact my OB and move over to her services.  I called yesterday, and the earliest that my intended OB is available isn't until March 31st...which is quite a few weeks away.  So the office scheduled me with another doctor for Monday, March 8th.  Given my experience and my impression of the intended OB, I was a tad bit disappointed that I wouldn't be able to see her.  But I figured that this first appointment in their offices is really just designed as an "intake appointment", so I figured that I could handle seeing someone else.  When I mentioned the name of the new doctor to my very-dear friend (who just finished med school, and had plenty of rotations in this hospital), her eyes lit up in approval.  She described the new doctor (a fourth-year resident) as having a lot of "zip"...which I take as a good thing.  So with her vote of support, it's official that our next steps will be this appointment with this doctor on Monday, March 8th.

Speaking of this dear-friend, she is my blessing today.  I had the chance to have lunch with her and one of our other friends from chuch.  But before our other friend arrived, the very-dear friend and I had a chance to have a really great heart-to-heart about our pregnancies.  This is her first, and seems to be progressing normally, so her experience is understandably totally different than mine.  While the results of our appointment earlier this week took a huge weight off of my shoulders, I'm probably still a bit more emotionally guarded than the average pregnant woman.  And that's okay.  They say that every pregnancy is different; likewise, I trust that the emotions and experiences and thoughts and reactions of every pregnant woman are different as well.  I'm just so thankful that God blessed me with such a very-dear friend who can share her thoughts and hear my side, and continues to pray for and encourage me through it all.


  1. I've learned through this whole experience what a blessing true friends really are. I'm happy you are feeling peaceful and trusting in the Lord.

  2. So happy to hear that peace has replaced any fear or worry - although it won't be that you won't have any, but as you said, baby is growing the way God designed s/he to grow, and it has been in His hands since day 0. :) March 8th will be here before you know it! How are you feeling physically?

  3. It's amazing to me how early we get to leave the RE - 8 weeks seems so soon to be assumed normal - especially for me with two later first trimester losses... I'm so happy to hear that you are feeling good this time. I'm definitely still praying for you and your baby!

  4. You are very inspiring with your sense of peace. I am 11 wks into our sixth or seventh pregnancy, and so far we've never quite made it into the 2nd trimester. But at long last we too are seeing normal growth and a heartbeat, making this pregnancy so far a cause for great hope! While each scan has been comforting I do set back into worry and negativity after a few quick days, and would love to experience the enduring sense of peace you describe. I think if you can feel that at this point in your 1st trimester, then you are certainly well placed to continue with the peaceful feeling over the next weeks and months. Definitely a blessing!


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