Friday, February 26, 2010


I don't know if I should blame it on the Olympic highlights or my hormones...but I've been crying about absolutely everything lately!  I cried watching the Canadian Women's Hockey Team celebrating their gold medal win over the United States.  I shouldn't be crying for Canada, but I was just so touched at their excitement and team camaraderie.  And then they did a special about the forestry business in British Columbia...and I teared up over the little trees that they plant to help with the reforesting efforts.  Why am I crying over trees?  Don't even get me started about Joannie Rochette's story...

I admit that I've always been touched by the stories that they share about the Olympians.  But something tells me that my hormone levels are at an all time high this time around, as I feel like I'm a bigger cry-baby now than ever before.  And it's not just Olympic lyrics are tugging at my heart as well.  So far, I've been able to hold it together at work for the most part.  But it sure doesn't seem to take much to get the tears flowing.

I don't remember feeling quite this emotional in my previous pregnancies, so I'm praying that these are good tears.  Please pray for us as we prepare for our appointment on Monday, March 1st.  I realize that this appointment is typically designed as a simple in-take appointment, but I'm really hoping that given our previous experiences, that the doctor will offer (or at least agree to) another ultrasound.  It would be such an amazing blessing to see that beautiful little heart beating again.

Today's blessing is my mom, and the chance to celebrate her birthday.  My mom is such an amazing woman, and was a phenomonal mother to my brothers and me.  But as the only girl, and probably bening more like her than I initially wanted to admit, my mom and I often struggled in our relationship while I was growing up...especially in my teenage years.  But my desires to be a mom have helped me to appreciate my mom so much more now than I ever did in the past.  She has been wonderfully caring, supportive, and understanding to me along this journey as only a mother can ( come the tears again).  I love her deeply, and I pray that I can be an amazing mom like her.  Happy Birthday Mom!

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  1. Joannie Rochette..when she blew the kiss up to heaven after her long program I just lost it. I cant imagine having the extra pregnancy hormones!! Good luck Monday!


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