Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Thought This Day Would Never Come

I've been waiting for this day for months!  And believe it or not, it has absolutely nothing at all to do with TTC or this pregnancy (well, at least not directly--keep reading).  Today is significant because it marks the premiere of LOST!

When they first started teasing the new season back in November, I thought this day would never come.  It just seemed so long to wait!  I was anxious for them to start.  Forget the ratings and season schedules, I'm hooked on the show...and I just wanted it as part of my daily life again.  But of course I had no choice but the wait, and now it's finally here.  I'm not doing any sort of "party" or anything, but you can bet that I'll be on my couch with remote in hand when it's ready to start.

Some super-fans may disagree, but in the grand scheme of things...the show is pretty insignificant.  Sure, it's brought my husband and I hours of enjoyment and countless discussions on possible theories.  But in the end, it's just a silly tv show.  If I can find the will power to wait patiently for this premiere, surely I can wait patiently on the Lord through this pregnancy.  Okay, okay...I realize it's a bit of a stretch to equate the two.  But in all seriousness, tonight's premeire and the ultrasound on the 16th are the next two big events on my calendar that make me wake up thinking "Today is the day!" (followed a week later by my birthday).

I survived the wait for tonight's premiere, and I know that I'll survive waiting out the next two weeks for the ultrasound.  After that, it will then be another 32-week wait (give or take), filled with anticipation and prayers for peace as we prepare for the arrival of our first living child.  That's a long time to wait...but at least I'll have LOST to keep me occupied for the first 18 weeks.

Today's blessing was a super sweet moment with my husband.  I headed to bed early, and he stayed up working on taxes until about midnight.  By the time that he crawled into bed, I was sound asleep.  He snuggled up to me and whispered that he loved me...then rubbed my belly and said "I love you, too".  I'm blessed with an amazing man, and I pray that the Lord bless him with this precious child.


  1. I've never watched lost but I can understand the anticipation because I'm addicted to many other tv shows.

    What a sweet husband. Praying for your blessing as well.

  2. Any Beta updates? Hope you're feeling pukey! ;-)

  3. Somehow I missed the great news, Laura! Congratulations on a natural conception, too! That's so exciting! And I can totally understand why you're excited about February! Lots of big things happening!

    Cheers to puking:)

  4. I'm also amazed when a log-awaited event actually gets here...

    Your husband rubbing your belly gave me chills. There's nothing like watching them fall in love!

  5. Ok I'm scratching my head after that premiere! I totally thought I had it 'figured out' but as the second hour was drawing to a close I realized no one ever figures out LOST episodes! I'm so glad the final season has started!

    and super sweet hubby :)


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