Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beautiful Eyes and Long Legs

I had my first dream in which I saw "details" of our baby girl.  In the dream, she has beautiful blue eyes, just like my husband (I, too, have blue eyes, so genetically speaking, there's a pretty good chance she will too...but I think that his are prettier than mine, so I was pleased that hers resembled his).  Of course, in the dream, she was talking to me (as a newborn) and telling me that I'm not a good mom.  That hurt a bit, but I attributed it to a) crazy pregnancy hormone-induced dreams, b) a legitimate desire to be a good mom, and c) the fact that I had just watched Glee (now that LOST is no longer) and the final scene involved a dysfunctional mother/daughter dynamic. 

So I woke up in a good mood, with the image of her beautiful blue eyes tattooed on my brain, and then had a very nice and slow day at work.  I was "On Call" this morning, but somehow miraculously was not needed at all, which meant that I was able to sit calmly at my desk.  And while I saw calmly, she was bouncing all over the place for extended periods of time.  Yesterday was one of those "go-go-go" types of days, and I didn't get to simply enjoy her as much as I would have liked, but today made up for it. 

We then had our appointment, and I shared my "funky discharge" concern with my doctor, and she was not concerned at all.  She attributed it to hormones, and said that it was so minimal and without smell, so it was probably fine.  I'm relieved to know that it was probably nothing.  I figure that doctors have seen and heard it all, so while I may be embarrassed a bit, I have to remember that this is what she is here for.  Looking back, I think that it was worth it to mention it to her today...but it probably didn't warrant the worry I felt on Saturday.  It didn't even last 24 hours...but I didn't know that it would be so short-lived when it initially happened.  I think I handled it all pretty well...but I don't know if I'll be able to simply drop the toilet paper instead of inspecting it each time (oh come on, you know that you do it too).  So after chatting with her, it was on to see the baby.  The thing that stood out to us the most is her long legs.  I realize that in normal fetal development, the legs grow a bit later than the rest of the body, proportionally speaking.  It seems like our baby girl's legs have definitely caught up with the rest of her growth!  No wonder I feel her kicking so much throughout the day!  Yes, I realize that this is totally normal...but it still amazes me.

Today's blessing was being asked to serve on the selection committee when we fill a vacancy at work in the next few weeks.  I'm very honored that my supervisor recognizes my abilities and appreciates my perspective and thought of me for this opportunity.


  1. i always say my crazy dreams are either exactly opposite of reality or totally true. so in your case, she's going to LOVE you and think your the BEST MOM in the world....and....she's going to have the most beautiful blue eyes!

  2. LOL I am a total TP checker!! I am happy you got to see your little one again and she is doing well. You're going to be a GREAT mom.

  3. Glad the Dr appt went well. I'm sure your daughter is going to be a beauty.

  4. How wonderful to have dreams of your beautiful baby, even though they are a little off! Glad you told you doctor about your discharge. And you are exactly right, that is what she is there for and if you have any questions or concerns just ask!! And you most definitely will be a wonderful mom to this little girl! She is lucky to have you!

  5. I always dream about a little boy!!!! I am team pink, so why am I dreaming about a little boy? LOL


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